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Training Technical Writers for Management

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As in most professions, an excellent technical writer might not make a very good documentation manager. Different personality types respond differently to managerial roles. For some, such a promotion can be downright terrifying.

Because many companies approach management training from a “one size fits all” perspective, many candidates struggle. To meet the needs of management candidates, training programs must be both extensive, to cover the necessary bases, and flexible to account for individual personalities.

In her article, Training Technical Communicators for Management, Jessica Erber-Stark looks at how the best managerial candidates can be identified and how different personality types may benefit from specialized training.

Read: Training Technical Communicators for Management and then leave a comment below with your thoughts on this topic.

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Promoting Technical Writers to Management: Getting it Right

29th July 2011 Posted in Blog, Management, Technical Writers 2 Comments

Image for Promoting Technical Writers to Management

Technical writers, as a group, communicate extremely well. They’re also used to working with diverse groups and negotiating to achieve their objectives to keep everyone satisfied and projects on schedule. So, it would seem, technical communicators such as technical writers would make very good managerial candidates.

However, as is often obvious only after the fact, not everyone is suited for management. Some perform better as individual contributors while others are great mentors. In fact, most organizations don’t really consider the difference between (more…)

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