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Technical Writing Program Ends…Why?

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“The technical writing program at De Anza College is a program that teaches people skills that businesses are looking for,” according to a recent article.  While this might not seem like a big news story, or even something you should worry about in the technical writing market, it should serve as a warning.

Technical writing courses are in high demand today, due to the rise in the need for technical documentation and medical technical writing. But since education still has troubles getting the funding it needs, programs get cut – like the one at De Anza College.

Simply a matter of budget cuts, it seems that this type of writing isn’t as valued as other programs at the school, which can hurt the current student population.

The future business leaders of the world will need to have some sort of background in technical writing. They need to be trained in how to create strong documents, or at least how to guide others to accomplish this sort of task for them.


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Technical Writing Course Online for the Busy Person

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We’re all busy, aren’t we?  While it seems we’re busier than we have been in the past, that doesn’t mean you can’t brush up on (or even learn) technical writing concepts.  All you need is a learning system that works with your hectic schedule, and allows you to learn when you have the time.


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