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3 Easy Tips for Technical Writing for Warranties

31st October 2011 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Technical Writers 0 Comments

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In 1975, the U.S. government put into effect the idea that all product warranties were to be stated clearly and unambiguously. At least, that’s what’s on the books. But if you’ve ever had to read a product warranty when something you’ve owned suddenly stopped working, you can see how this document can become confusing. What’s the best way to clear up the confusion of product warranties?

Here are 3 easy tips for technical writers who work with warranties:

  1. Know the solutions – Within a product warranty are solutions for the owner of the product. Readers need to understand what they are able to get in return for certain actions they take. For example, if they need to send in the product, they need to know where to send it, the time frame they have, the documentation that’s required, etc.
  2. (more…)

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Warranties: How Technical Writers Protect

20th October 2011 Posted in Blog, Communication, Technical Writers 2 Comments

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When you purchase an item, it often will come with a warranty. And in that warranty, you will learn what measures you can take if the product should be defective or harmful during its intended use.

If you follow the terms of the warranty, you are often afforded the opportunity for a replacement product or some other compensation, should the product fail during the time you have owned it. Technical writers create these documents, often, and how they phrase a warranty will help to create more customer power.

Here are a few of the different parts of a warranty that need to be clearly defined:

  • Time period of the warranty
  • What is covered by the warranty
  • What is NOT covered by the warranty
  • Who the customer needs to contact to receive compensation
  • The contact information for the company
  • Additional terms and conditions


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