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Posts with the Tag: writer’s block

Take a Break to Improve Your Writing

26th June 2013 Posted in Blog, Writing 2 Comments

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You’ve gotten to that point. That point when you can’t think of anything to say that will impress an audience.  All writers have.  Some call it writer’s block; others call it burnout.

No matter what you might call it, it’s a sign that you need to push away from your desk and get away from the keyboard.

But what can you do to keep your mind from slowing down if you don’t have time to step away for a vacation?


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Why Inspiration Isn’t the Best Motivation for Writers

14th March 2013 Posted in Blog, Writing 4 Comments

Image for Why Inspiration Isn't the Best Motivation for Writers

How many times have you heard from other writers that they have writer’s block or that they are waiting to be inspired before they start typing?

It’s common enough that’s it’s almost a cliché.

Maybe all of this anguish isn’t the fault of inspiration, after all.  What you may want to remember is that creativity is work and it may have to happen when you need it to happen.  If you’ve ever had a deadline bear down on you faster then than you realized, you know how this works.


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One Brainstorming Idea for Writers

11th October 2012 Posted in Blog, Planning, Writing 4 Comments

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All writers get to the point where they simply feel they’ve run out of ideas. Whether they’re burnt out or simply can’t find a new angle to pursue, the moment of a blank mind can happen to anyone. How you work through this and whether you can work through this is what makes you a (successful) writer.

Many writers have ways to prevent this sort of problem from happening, but it never hurts to have some brainstorming tools ready. One of the best tools to start using today is the bubble method, sometimes called the cloud method.


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Is Writer’s Block for Real?

13th September 2012 Posted in Blog, Writing 0 Comments

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If you were to sit two writers down and ask them about writer’s block, chances are good that one will shudder and the other will shrug. For the person who shudders, the idea of writer’s block is when that creative inspiration is gone or lost. The writer sits at a desk, trying to come up with something, ANYTHING to put on the screen.

It’s a frustrating experience, and one that only seems to resolve itself with time. But another writer might say that writer’s block isn’t real. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of ideas in the world, and something is always available. Secretly, this writer may also believe writer’s block to be a convenient excuse for not writing.

Knowing these two sides to the argument, is writer’s block real? While the answer is unclear, there are certainly times when writing momentum can wane, perhaps due to exhaustion or illness or possibly procrastination.

Is it a better idea to simply continue to write, knowing that another idea is always around the corner? That way, the writer can get his or her momentum back.

Some believe that writer’s block might just be worry about getting writing ‘right,’ so the writer feels frozen by fear in the process. A good idea for this situation is to simply write anything, even if it’s not good. Is that the right answer?

Only the writer can decide.

What are your thoughts on writer’s block, and what have you done to get out of it? Please leave a comment.

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