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Because no man is an island.

Our strategic business partners help us get more done.

Cox eLearning Consultants (COX)

Industry Consultants for Corporate Education, eLearning & HR Technologies

Where are the corporate training and eLearning industries going? Who are the leading vendors in training or HR technologies that you should consider? How can you fund your projects? Cox eLearning Consultants (COX) specializes in advising you in “the business” of our industry. COX has forged relationships with leading providers in the corporate education and eLearning industries. If you need assistance in bringing a learning or HR project together, give us a chance to make your life easier and the direction clear. www.coxec.com

Randy Duermyer, Online Marketing Consultant

How will your business get found online? How will you find the time to do what’s needed to grow your business while still finding time to do what you do best? Smart businesses have turned to Randy Duermyer as their Web go-to guy to get things done right without breaking the budget. Offering search marketing, social media marketing and email marketing strategy, execution and analytics, he does the work of an entire online marketing team without the overhead but with responsive, personal service every time.  Randy has been providing online marketing, website maintenance and blog management for WAI since 2007. In short, he’s been our “Web Go-To Guy.” thewebgotoguy.com

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